PSS High-Performance Door Systems

Palmer’s Security Solutions offers Custom-Engineered Door Systems

PSS Low Pressure to Egress Acoustical Doors

Since 2017 PSS has offered clients engineered high-performance solutions. In 2018, PSS introduced its low pressure to egress acoustical doors. Offered in STC 45, 50, and 53, PSS acoustical door systems have a natural door-swing pressure of less than 5 lbs. of force. These door systems are tested at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories. Quick ship and installation services are available.

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PSS Blast, Ballistic, Forced Entry, and RF Doors

In 2017, PSS recognized a need in the security industry for advanced applications and hybrid-performance door systems. The company filled that gap by partnering with Stafford Bridge to offer our unique line of engineered doors that meet rigorous specifications crucial for today’s high-security construction needs. PSS provides single-level high-performance door systems for up to 6 levels, engineered for high levels of blast performance: UL Level 8 ballistic, 15-Minute Forced Entry, Sound, Radio Frequency, and Fire. In addition, all PSS door systems are accompanied by ADA-compliant door hardware.

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