STC Rated Doors

PSS is the leader in the certified installations of STC Rated Door Systems. PSS has staff that are certified in the installation of Lockmaster Door Packaged systems, Overly Door Systems, RF Shielding Door systems, standard openings through large 8’x 10’ double door STC 55 rated systems with removable mullions. PSS will not only install your door correctly we will ensure your wall systems are built to hold the door package as required so you don’t have issues with the doors and locking systems due to wall failure.

PSS has gone in for countless clients and in one full day removed an existing failed door and wall system, re-framed and supported the wall system correctly from deck to deck and other supports, sound rated the walls, and installed a Lockmaster Door Package with LKM 7003 w/X-10 Lock with full alarm and access control in a one day period.