Forced Entry and Ballistic

Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistant

In 2017, PSS recognized a need in the security industry for advanced applications and hybrid-performance door systems. Our team forged a relationship with Stafford Bridge, a UK based door company to provide the US market security door systems designed and tested to secure the highest levels of critical national infrastructure while maintaining life safety, accessibility, and security.

Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistant (FEBR) door systems are specified for projects throughout the US. The Department of State’s STD 01.01 Rev. G is the most well-known specification for door systems tested to 15 and 60 minutes of attack.

In 2019, PSS tested a variety of door systems and vision panels by Oregon Ballistics Laboratories. Our company is proud to be the first to market with wood core FEBR door systems that meet the 15 and 60 minutes of attack. These door systems can be offered in a variety of finishes and hardware configurations.

Beyond the wood core doors, PSS has passed 15-minute vision panel attacks. All products submitted were tested to Underwriters Laboratories Level 8 ballistic testing.

Check out our product testing videos below

Single Door Ballistics
PSS MPI Security Door SpedUp
Single Door Hinge Lock Skin Attack
Double Door Wood Hinge Lock Skin Attack
Double Door Steel Hinge Lock Skin Attack
Double Door Lock Attack 60m Sped Up
Double Door Ballistics

Stafford Bridge Door Systems

Palmer’s Security Solutions maintains a staff of expert installers for Stafford Bridge door systems and Surelock McGill door hardware. Door systems will be installed effective and efficiently. PSS provides installation services throughout the continental U.S. and beyond.

North America Master Distributor of High-Security Door Systems

Palmer’s Security Solutions (PSS) is the master distributor for Stafford Bridge high performance door solutions. such as, Stafford Bridge, a United Kingdom Based Door Manufacturer have provided Blast, Ballistic, Forced Entry, hybrid door solutions for several decades. These door systems all begin with a specialty wood core which allows for high levels of performance.

PSS is proud to offer Stafford Bridge Products to our North American Customers. The product line features, multi-threat levels of performance, custom veneer finishes, vision panels, louvers, and pre-installed door hardware from Surelock McGill.

Since the master distributor agreement, PSS has provided supply and installation of Stafford Bridge’s door systems for high security government and institutional facilities.

Why Chose Stafford Bridge Products

  • Market Leaders in Manufacturing & Installing of Security, Ballistic, Blast & Healthcare Solutions: DoorsWallsWindows and Louvres
  • Remain focused on priding themselves by manufacturing unique high-quality security solutions which not only stand the test of time but also keep the facility secure. This is proven by their enduring commitment to testing all products to appropriate European and Global standards such as LPCB LPS1175.
  • Product range of securityballistic & blast window solutions, given the current threats around the world, have been developed to provide protection against various and multiple types of attack.
  • Various levels of high security louvres allow the maximum free air flow without compromising security.

Blast Performance Applications

Stafford Bridge has carried out a series of successful blast tests on a range of high-performance doors systems with forced entry and ballistic protection. Following the successful outcomes of these significant tests the results have then been further assessed by independent qualified blast engineers expanding the range of solutions available.

Due to the nature and characteristics of the blast activity occurring across the globe in many different scenarios & environments every project is of a very specific nature, and therefore, please contact our sales office direct with your specific enquiry so that we may respond professionally and specifically to your project’s needs.

Although we all face the real potential of Cyber attack’s in this digital world it is also essential that the physical equipment which provides our communication infrastructure and stores data is secure and free from potential targeted attacks both via aggressive physical methods or more surreptitious planned executions.
When it comes to security and education, one hurdle that schools face is the clash between the culture of privacy and freedom that is fostered in the educational community and the need to protect students and staff, securing facilities and equipment. Quite often an integrated solution is required to satisfy all aspects of the overall security requirement.
Emergency Services
Due to the nature of these services, particularly in the policing of our communities, maintaining order and prosecution system there is a specific need for data protection and impartialness where both a combination of high physical security, ballistic and blast solutions are required.
Energy is one of the major cornerstones supporting the national infrastructure within any country and given the widespread security threats it is essential to protect and secure those facilities and networks to ensure continuity of supply.
Security within the banking, cash in transit (CIT) and ATM industry is more prominent than ever due to the amount of transactions carried out electronically and cash being dispensed automatically.
Threats to high net worth residents particularly in large inner city areas has become a significant issue for several years and continues to be the case resulting in the level of specification increasing for products required to prevent this activity from occurring.
Given the political scenery worldwide and the threats to those establishments including Ministry of Defence Departments, Central Government Departments and their Embassy’s abroad, many solutions relating to security, ballistic and blast protection are needed.
Advanced methods of design and technology in the manufacturing of products suited to applications around the world are required in order to protect countries and regions National Infrastructures, Governments, Communications, Health, Transport, Finance, Energy and other targeted facilities.
Given the recent spate of terrorist attacks in commercial and retail facilities and complexes there is a serious need to protect the consumers, employees and assets from these devastating events. Other premises holding stocks of high value consumer goods are regularly targeted and poorly secured cash offices provide ideal opportunities to make quick gains.
Water is one of the major cornerstones supporting the national infrastructure within any country and given the widespread security threats it is essential to protect and secure those facilities and networks to ensure continuity of supply.
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