Sound (STC) Rated Doors

PSS is a leader in the supply and installation of sound rated door systems since 2014. Our inhouse field installation team have completed certified installer training for Lockmasters Door Program, Overly Door Company, and Krieger Specialty Products.

Overly Door Company

Overly Door Company logo

For over 50 years, Overly has been the industry leader in the design, testing, and manufacturing of Architectural Acoustic Door and Window Systems.

Lockmasters Incorporated

Lockmasters Incorporated logoLockmasters‘ self-contained high security doors are built to your exact specifications. A door kit comes in one package complete with: STC50, 52, or 55 HMD door, frame, hardware, specified locking device and all the installation hardware.

Krieger Specialty Products

Krieger Specialty Products logoKrieger Specialty Products is a leading manufacturer of custom doors, security doors and security windows, including sound control doors, blast and bullet resistance, radio frequency and sound control, and stainless steel applications since 1936.


MPI logoFor over 38 years MPI has offered a wide range of doors and frames, meeting all the industry standards. MPI utilizes the most up to date technological innovations to insure quality.

The Palmer’s Way

Our staff includes decades of experience on both installations and coordination with surrounding trades. We are able to provide wall framing information to be supportive of the new sound rated door system.

In the event a client is pressed for time to remove and have a new sound door system installed, our team offers same day replacement even when new support wall framing is required.