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PSS works with industry experts to develop new products

PSS is working with manufacturers and suppliers to help develop new products and new installation methods for RF Shielding systems. PSS has the ability to create systems that are either fixed or modular systems. The modular RF Rooms can be a light weight very quick assembly for your specialty needs.

Mobile platforms offering Temporary Secure Working Area (TSWA)

PSS is working toward mobile platforms that will create the ability to have a Temporary Secure Work Environment that is a completely mobile solution whether the unit is a drivable unit or a trailer pulled by a tractor that blends in with your everyday Tractor and Trailer unit.

3M and PSS join forces to beautify metal surfaces

3M Door Wrap

PSS is working with a 3M product that enables a steel STC and/or RF Rated door system to have a wood finish appearance. The 3M product is much more cost effective and comes in a wide variety of wood types and colors along with other many other style finishes – PSS is currently installing this product on 22 door units within a government facility.